Is Your Home Losing Energy?

Thermal Tech is a local, 100% Manitoba owned company serving the Winnipeg and southern Manitoba areas.

We are an independent, professionally certified Infrared/Flir thermal imaging services company offering an eco-friendly technology leading, non-invasive, non-intrusive and non-destructive complete building assessment service for residential and commercial clients alike.

The science of thermography is now the number one leading technology used in building maintenance testing procedures, providing real time building condition results allowing home and business owners the ability to prioritize critical building health requirements and repairs.
Whether you are looking to resolve moisture issues such as water infiltration or mold investigations to low-rise commercial flat roof inspections, Thermal Tech can provide your complete building assessment needs.

Our Mission Statement:

The core business philosophy of Thermal Tech Imaging Systems is to provide a professional, independent, fast and reliable certified imaging service while focusing on a direct people to people approach.

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

Thermal Imaging (thermography inspection – water leak detection)
Air Testing (negative air, Asbestos abatement air testing)
Detailed Computerized Reporting
Moisture/Humidity Testing Reporting
Closed Space Baroscopic Video Inspection
Air Quality Testing & Mold Investigation
Non-Intrusive/Non-Invasive & Non-Destructive Testing
Plumbing/Pipework Blockage Inspections
Residential & Low-rise Building Envelope Inspections
Electrical/Mechanical Equipment Inspections
Predictive Maintenance Surveys
Energy Audits
Flat Roof Surveys

Please feel free to Contact Us for a free no obligation quote, we will be happy to address your building requirements and needs.

Ph: 204-806-4340