Is Your Roof Losing Energy?


Flat Roof Surveys

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect leaks, see the extent of any water ingress and check the integrity of repairs in flat roof constructions.

Roof leaks can be costly and cause severe damage to a building’s structure. Thermal imaging can quickly identify missing or moisture soaked insulation under a flat roof membrane, allowing partial repair of failed areas rather than the much more costly replacement of the entire roof.

Thermal imaging of flat roofs, especially built-up roofs have been proven for a number of years. The technique allows for the detection of moisture trapped in a roof system, a problem that over time leads to the premature degradation of the roof and its framing systems.

Surveys can therefore save thousands of dollars in replacement costs; by detecting leaks and carrying out repairs the life span of a roof can be prolonged.

Leaks left unattended can destroy large areas of the flat roof and cost thousands of dollars in wasted energy and heat loss.

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