Is Your Plumbing Leaking? Thermal Imaging can check for leaks even in pipes hidden in walls, without disturbing a thing!


Thermal Imaging for Plumbing

Thermography is an easy to use tool for finding and checking pipes for leaks. Even when water pipes are laid in the floor or under plaster, the heat of the pipes radiates through to the surface and can clearly be seen using an infrared camera. This ability to find the exact location of a leak quickly saves both time and money. Similarly, the efficiency of air conditioning and central heating systems can be determined quickly and easily with the help of infrared thermography.

Blockages in pipes may be quickly located and addressed via infrared - enabling immediate response if required. The use of this non-destructive technology provides for proactive action to be taken before the problem worsens.

Passing valves are easily detected by using thermography. This valve was found within a chemical plant and had been causing problems to the process for a number of months.

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