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Building Envelope Surveys

In today's technology based society, the most efficient procedure in determining the thermal performance of a building envelope is with infrared thermography or "thermal imaging".

A "building envelope" includes the roof, walls, windows, ceilings, floors, skylights, foundation and below grade walls when performing a building envelope survey.

Infrared building envelope surveys are the only recognized and proven test method used by building inspection professionals, insurance companies and adjusters as a complete, non-intrusive and non-destructive test method for trouble shooting a buildings efficiency, heat loss, moisture infiltration, window integrity and block wall/CMU structural integrity.

Imaging reports are used by building managers and owners to identify heating and cooling energy losses due to poor construction, missing or inadequate insulation and moisture intrusion issues. By addressing and correcting these issues, building owners use surveys to save millions of dollars yearly, increasing building efficiency and structural integrity while increasing building health and comfort levels.

A Thermal Tech building envelope survey of your building and associated heating, ventilation, and air condition systems will identify areas where energy is being wasted saving you money. As a building systems assessment and solutions provider, Thermal Tech can also offer a complete renovation and restoration service for all your building remediation requirements.

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

Thermal Imaging (thermography inspection – water leak detection)
Air Testing (negative air, Asbestos abatement air testing)
Detailed Computerized Reporting
Moisture/Humidity Testing Reporting
Closed Space Baroscopic Video Inspection
Air Quality Testing & Mold Investigation
Non-Intrusive/Non-Invasive & Non-Destructive Testing
Plumbing/Pipework Blockage Inspections
Residential & Low-rise Building Envelope Inspections
Electrical/Mechanical Equipment Inspections
Predictive Maintenance Surveys
Energy Audits
Flat Roof Surveys

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